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Specialists in Tree Arborist and Tree Diagnostic tests

Tree Arborist

Do you want the best for your trees and plant growth? Then call our company for the expertise of a trained and certified Tree Arborist. We use our extensive knowledge and training to help understand what factors may be affecting the health and safety of your trees. We are the only company with equipment who will test the sap flow, (Blood Pressure) of your trees, & soil test. In order to give your trees & Landscape the best diagnosis, other companies just do a visual! We do a ten point tree diagnosis & soil test, we want your trees to get the best diagnosis. We also specialize in organic practices, tree injection, deep root oxygen pipes, lawn fertilizer, will treating your sick lawn, and trees.

If you have compacted or clay soil we can help condition soil. We will help you discover invasive pest, animals and plants, flaws that may affect the health of your trees, as well as make recommendations on easy changes and preventive care you can implement to foster longer-term plant growth. Customers seek partnership with us in order to derive the best course of action to restore health & vitality to trees; not today, not tomorrow, but forever! 

Tree Diagnostic tests

Our certified arborists are trained and have extensive training in tree biology and soil science. We evaluate the tree(s), 10 point diagnostic check, and then we do a compaction test, pH, soil and moisture test, and more... By carefully examining irrigation, soil compactness, tree, and pest damage, we will identify and possible risks, environment stress factors, in a given tree environment. Develop a clear action plan a site-specific strategies that may include recovery, control, prevention, ongoing care and treatment plan. We look for signs of sun scald, insects, fungus, and Slime Flux Disease. We use varies equipment and we test the sap flow of your tree to determine if the tree can be saved; this gives your trees the best diagnostic! Other companies just do a visual!